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Partner with Church leaders in order to identify and qualify displaced Pakistani Christian individuals and families that need help the most.

Take care of their basic needs ,from providing daily meals and clothing to finding temporary shelters.


Disproportionate displacement of Pakistani Christians

is a huge issue in Pakistan due to Government's

encroachment policies and can also be attributed to

natural disasters and frequent acts of terrorism.


P.C.O.F is fully committed to ensuring and improving

the safety and well being of Pakistani girls and women both in the household and in the workplace.

Foundation will help create more opportunities for 

young Pakistani Christian girls to receive an education.

Girls in Pakistani culture are less likely to receive an education. Funding will be designated for Christian women who are interested in setting up household business opportunities like sewing centers and similar home-based small businesses.

Reduce illiteracy rates among nearly two million

Pakistani Christians in the urban, rural and tribal areas by providing funding for the repairs and rehab 

of primary, middle and high school buildings that were constructed prior to the creation of Pakistan

by European and American missions . Invest in new 

education opportunities in the areas that lack such 

facilities as well as provide funding for free books .

Education is key to better life.


Reduce unemployment among Pakistani Christian 

individuals by discovering job opportunities,

facilitating the hiring process and by partnering with them over a thirty day ,sixty day and a ninty day period in order to avoid these individuals from falling into poverty and depair.

There are over 2 million Pakistani Christians that are 

living below the poverty line even by Pakistan's 

standards, at times earning as little as two dollars a day.

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