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Access to Education

The Need

Education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty that impacts so many Pakistani Christians. So ,providing access to education to young Pakistani Christian children who come from the most under-served and most marginalized families is the primary objective of Pakistan Christian Outreach Foundation. The Catholic church and the American Presbyterian church have been building and operating schools in Pakistan since the early 1900s. The schools were built and operated by well-intentioned missionaries in order to educate newly converted Christians. 


However, these private prestigious educational institutions, now run by the church bureaucracy, have more or less become a business enterprise. Enrollment in these schools is generally comprised of predominantly Muslim children (typically 80% to 90%) whose well-to-do parents are able, willing and determined to pay high tuition fees so that their children can attend these prestigious private schools.

In the process of transforming these private schools into a profit making enterprise, the system has left behing 60% to 70% of Pakistani Christian children. Most notably, it has adversely affected the poor and the under-served Pakistani Christian children whose parents cannot afford high tuition fees.

Pakistan Christian Outreach Foundation is currently partnering with individual donors who are willing to help us fund and open private schools with high educational standards that are strictly dedicated and committed to enrolling 70% to 80% Pakistani Christian children from the most underserved and poor families.

Meet Joseph Bock and Susan Lyke-Bock

Joe and Sue are an American couple. They had the opportunity to serve for three years as diplomats in Pakistan. While there, they saw first-hand how the current private school system in Pakistan was disenfranchising the poorest children. They decided to do something about it and, with the help of Sister Marriam Yousaf, a retired Catholic nun, they opened a private school in Sialkot, Pakistan which is strictly dedicated to serving the most needy and under-served children.

The Pakistan Christian Outreach Foundation has partnered with the Bocks and is currently seeking sponsor families to cover the tuition fees, uniforms and books for the poorest students at Rukh-e-Mariam School. The Foundation is currently subsidizing the salaries of teachers so that these experienced Pakistani Christian teachers can earn a living wage in a secure Christian environment.

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Join Us!

The Bock's commitment to Rukh-e-Mariam is admirable and reminds us of the missionary spirit that once helped convert and educate Pakistani Christian communities in the '20s, '30s, '40s and '50s.

The Pakistan Christian Outreach Foundation's goal is to build, operate and fund ten such schools in the next ten years. These schools will be constructed in the most underserved Pakistani Christian communities, both in rural and urban areas of Pakistan.

Please donate today if God calls you to serve this most important cause of educating the most deserving and the needy Pakistani Christian children.

In March 2020, Joseph Bock and Sue Lyke-Bock visited Rukh-e-Mariam school, the school they helped establish back in 2007. P.C.O.F.'s country coordinator, Aqueel Haque accompanied the couple on their trip to Sialkot, Pakistan.

The President of Pakistan Christian Outreach Foundation, Ms. Samra Aslam, visited Rukh-e-Mariam School in February of 2020. She was accompanied by Mr. James John, a member of the P.C.O.F. Board of Advisors, and Mr. Aqueel Haque, P.C.O.F. Country Coordinator.

Would you consider sponsoring a child?

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Medlina Arif Saleem 

In 2nd grade at Ruhk-e-Mariam

Medlina's mother is currently supporting her and one other child as a single mother. The family struggles to provide for basic needs, and currently doesn't have the means to provide funds for schooling. 

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Joshua William

In 9th grade at Rukh-e-Mariam

Joshua is one of 6 children. His father works as a laborer and his mother is house cleaner. After providing basic necessities for their family, they do not have funds to pay school fees.

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Liza Sajeel

in 5th grade at Rukh-e-Mariam

One of 4 children, Liza's parents struggle to make ends meet, and do not have the ability to pay for school for any of their children. Liza's mother is nanny and her father works for daily wages.

Meet Elisha Haroon-A Success Story

Elisha Haroon is a hard working young Christian man from the tribal area of Dera Ismail Khan in Pakistan. His father, Padri Akmal Haroon, preaches Gospel in this very dangerous area. The family is poor and can barely make both ends meet. 


A few years ago, the President of Pakistan Christian Outreach Foundation, Ms. Samra Aslam visited Pakistan. A mutual friend introduced Elisha Haroon to her and asked if she could sponsor him financially. She met the young boy and immediately fell in love with his kind and loving manner. 


She started financially supporting him with his education expenses, and now he is just a year away from graduating as a paramedic. He will be able to get a good paying job and will be able to support himself and his family get out of the vicious cycle of poverty and despair.


Over 60% or roughly 1 million Pakistani Christian children live below the poverty line and do not have access to education.


Pakistan Christian Outreach Foundation is determined to assist many more Kids like Elisha Haroon by creating a “Christ Care Fund” for the education of these children from these poor, marginalized and underserved Christian families in Pakistan.


Please donate for this noble cause by clicking on the button below. 

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