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Individual Assistance

Over 65% of Pakistani Christians live in very desperate conditions to begin with. On top of that, if they are disabled and if the single individual earning hand in the family passes away, life for the ones left behind becomes even harder.


Zubaida Bibi's is one such story.


Zubaida Bibi, a Christian Pakistani woman,  lives in a small village in the province of Punjab, Pakistan.


When she was only three years old, she got sick with polio and suffered a lifetime disability losing strength in both of her legs. She has been living with this life long disability for over forty years now.


A God fearing man decided to marry her and take care of her when she was in her twenties. 


Unfortunately, he got sick two years ago and recently passed away. 


Now she is all alone. 


Pakistan Christian Outreach Foundation partners with local Pastors to identify individuals who through no fault of their own have fallen on hard times. The Foundation then finds families or individuals who are willing financially support them by adopting them for short periods of time, usually one year. 


A gift of $150-$200 per month is sufficient to take care of an individual basic needs in Pakistan. 

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