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Our Father who art in Heaven

How do you Know my name

Pakistan Christian Outreach Foundation P.C.O.F. is a Public Endowment Foundation.

It is a "Not for Profit" ,non Partisan and an interdenominational organization .Its primary 

focus is to raise awareness through Global outreach regarding the current state of 

Pakistani Christians currently residing in Pakistan.

Christians in Pakistan are one of the most persecuted and marginalized minority groups

in this predominantly Muslim country of nearly two hundred and ten million .

P.C.O.F.  works for the long term development  of this underserved and underrepresented community in Pakistan.

To provide a space for interaction and communication among various individuals and 

organizations from around the Globe in order to support ongoing and future projects  that will contribute to the individual and the community development of Pakistani Christians 

in the urban, rural and remote tribal areas of Pakistan , Isaiah 25:4  Corinthians  12:7.

To Continue our Lord's work by providing a support structure in order to empower Pakistani Christian individuals and Pakistani Christian Communities residing within Pakistan so that they can become productive and self reliant , Proverbs 19:17 Matthew  5:16

To create a culture within the Foundation that is based on compassion ,care and love 

and is centered and rooted in Biblical principles as portrayed by the life and the works of 

our Lord Jesus Christ and his disciples ,Proverbs 14:31 Matthew 25:45.



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God's Great Commission

P.C.O.F. supports existing Churches in carrying "God's Great Commission "

of Evangelism through the ministry work of churches of all denominations .

It helps with  planting of the new churches by identifying communities where

our Lord's work is needed the most.

It partners  with Global media to spread awareness of hoe God is working through his people . It utilizes social media on a grassroots level in efforts to 

win  hearts , minds and souls for Christ.

P.C.O.F. Partners with Gideon's International to make 

sure that free Bibles reach to the many individuals and

families throughout Pakistan . It works with organizations like the Pakistan Bible Correspondence 

school and Pakistan Christian recording Ministries to 

make sure free Bible courses continue to be offered

via mail . P.C.O.F.Plans to invest in online Bible courses in local Languages.


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