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Abstract Water

Water Filtration

Pakistan suffers an alarming scarcity of clean drinking water mainly due to its rapid increase in population which now stands at approximately  two hundred and ten million people. They live in an area about twice the size of California, and such a large population in such a condensed  area causes major issues with water quality and access. 


Over the last 10 years, several studies and extensive research has been conducted by organizations within Pakistan as well as international agencies, and all point to the fact that approximately 75-80% of the Pakistani population is consuming unclean drinking water. These studies and research took into account the physicochemical properties of drinking water, and the presence of various forms of pathogenic microorganisms. 


This problem is compounded when one considers the terrible conditions that over 70% of the most poor, marginalized and underserved Pakistani Christian communities are living in. Most of these families live in “Kachi Abadees”, commonly known as slums. In addition, some residents of rural villages have to walk several miles to access clean water.

Pakistan Christian Outreach Foundation is committed to the installation of clean water filtration systems for these poor and marginalized Christian communities. Over the next five years, the Foundation will partner with local churches in these communities to identify space and allocate resources to build one hundred such water purification systems.


Once these water filtration systems are installed, the local community will be the Foundation’s partner in maintaining and servicing such units.


Following are the three different types of water filtration systems that will be installed based on the size of that community.  


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