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How do you know my name?

Our Father who art in Heaven

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God's Great Commission

The Pakistan Christian Outreach Foundation supports existing Churches of all denominations as they carry out "God's Great Commission" of Evangelism through their ministry work in Pakistan.

We help with the planting of new churches by identifying communities where our Lord's work is needed the most. We partner with global media to spread awareness of how God is working through his people. We utilize social media on a grassroots level in efforts to win hearts, minds, and souls for Christ.

P.C.O.F partners with existing organizations, as well as Pastors and Clergy of area churches in all four provinces to ensure that free Bibles are distributed among Christian individuals and families throughout Pakistan. We also work with existing Christian educational institutions to make sure that free Bible courses will continue to be offered via mail.


Additionally, P.C.O.F. seeks to invest in online Bible courses in local languages.

About Christians in Pakistan

  • Approximately 3.5 million Christians live in Pakistan (roughly 2% of the population)

  • 65% to 70%  of Pakistani Christians live below the poverty line

    •  on average make  $100 to $150  per month

    •  often make less than $3 to $5 a day

  • Occupations:

  • Sanitary workers and street sweepers

  • Brick kiln workers

  • Farm laborers (bonded labor)

  • House servants (mostly young Pakistani Christian  women in Muslim households)

  • Low-income factory workers (typically child labor,  underage boys and girls)


The primary objective of the Pakistan Christian Outreach Foundation is to raise Global Awareness in regards to the issues and concerns faced by this most disadvantaged and marginalized minority group living in Pakistan. 


P.C.O.F's long-term objectives is working towards the development of this under-served and under-represented community by providing assistance in areas of basic life necessities (like food, clothing, and shelter) and assisting in education, job training, and small business investments.


The Pakistan Christian Outreach Foundation is a Public Endowment Foundation, registered as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in the United States. We are a non-partisan and interdenominational organization with the primary focus on highlighting and improving the living conditions, issues, and concerns of all the Pakistani Christian individuals and families of all denominations currently living in Pakistan.

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