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Samra Aslam

Miss Samra Aslam



I am deeply honored and humbled to serve the Foundation as an honorary President. I am a fourth generation Christian from Pakistan. The story of my Great Grandparents, from both my mother's and my father's side is directly linked to the compassion, hard work, care and conviction of Christian missionaries, both Protestants and Catholics, who worked tirelessly in Pakistan, generation after generation over the last one hundred fifty years.


These missionaries fell in love with Pakistan's beautiful people and have provided humanitarian services to our Pakistani Christian communities all over the country, with special focus in the areas of education and healthcare. Whether it was the pioneer Presbyterian missionaries of the early nineteenth century (who brought my Great Grandparents to Christ) or the Dominican order of nuns )who educated me as a child and as a young girl all through grade school and high school), I have truly been shaped by these missionaries. They have impacted me at every step and every stage of my life; everything that I do in life now is informed by those experiences from my early adult years in Pakistan.

When the honorary board of advisers asked me to serve in this capacity, I was thrilled to accept the honor. I only had one request: that all of us make a pledge to the Foundation to work for its cause strictly as volunteers so that the majority of the funding and donations collected here should go directly to the most marginalized and deserving community members of the Pakistan Christian community. This Pledge is at the heart of our ongoing commitment to serve the underprivileged and will continue to be the bedrock principle of this Foundation.

God Bless You,

Samra Aslam

Let's  Join hands, Work together, and Change lives.

Members of the P.C.O.F. Board of Advisors and the administrative staff are strictly serving as volunteers. Our team not only works as volunteers, but also provides the necessary funding for the Foundation and members pledge on a regular basis to cover the necessary financial needs.


P.C.O.F. is a publicly funded 501(c)(3) non profit organization. Your financial assistance will be deeply appreciated.

Board of Advisors


Yaqoob Asi

Yaqoob served as the Country Director in the village ministries with Campus Crusade for Christ for over 20 years. Originally a member of the trustees for St. Andrews Church in Gujrat Pakistan, he helped pioneer one of the first educational institutions for the most marginalized children.

Yaqoob is an active contributor to P.C.O.F. and serves on the Board of  Advisors.


Susan Lyke

Susan is a Social Worker and an Educator by profession. She spent 3 years in Islamabad, Pakistan where she worked on an extensive research study concerning Healthcare programs for poor and marginalized Pakistani Christian community members living in Kachiabadiees (slums) in the Capital city area. While in Pakistan, she also volunteered as an English teacher in the Christian schools, and conducted training seminars for Christian teachers. She currently volunteers for Refuge Resettlement Program in the U.S. She is an active contributor to P.C.O.F. 


James John

James has over 30 years of experience working with various non-profit organizations in Pakistan. Most notably, he was the Assistant Country Director at Catholic Relief Services and a Deputy Country Director of the Norwegian Church Aide in Pakistan. 

He has a strong background in project research and development.

James is an active contributor to P.C.O.F. and serves on the Board of  Advisors.


Joseph Bock

Joseph served as a Country head for Catholic Relief Services in Pakistan for several years. He has also served previously as the Vice President of the American Refugee Committee and has visited Pakistan several times as a consultant to the Asia Foundation.

Joseph is an active contributor to P.C.O.F. and serves on the Board of  Advisors.

Shakeel Haq.jpg

Professor Shakeel Haq

Shakeel has over thirty years of experience as an Associate Professor. A graduate of The Punjab University in Social Work, he taught at Government College, Gujranvalla, and Government Islamia College, Lahore. He is currently retired and serves on the Board of Trustees at his Church. Shakeel serves on the Board of Advisors at P.C.O.F. and advises in issues related to education.


He is also an active contributor to P.C.O.F. 

Dr. Asher Sharif.jpg

Dr. Asher Shareef

Dr. Shareef is a Pakistani Christian who specializes in Epidemiology and Ophthalmology. As a medical professional, he worked with Caritas and Catholic Relief Services in Pakistan for several years and pioneered a comprehensive Healthcare program for the rural Christian villages in Punjab, Pakistan. He currently resides in Johannesburg, South Africa and is the Head of Ophthalmology in Thelle Magoreane Hospital there.


He is an active contributor to P.C.O.F.


Farzana Kamal

Farzana has extensive experience as an educator working directly with marginalized Christian families and children, coordinating their access to available resources. She also utilized the YWCA as a platform to provide advancement opportunities for deserving Christian girls. She currently advises the Foundation on the most critical issues faced by Christian girls and women in Pakistan.

She is an active contributor to P.C.O.F.


Professor Davis Samuel

Davis previously served as a Vice-Principal at Punjab College of Commerce in Faisalabad, Pakistan, as a Principal/Director at the Shibli College of Commerce in Sargodha, Pakistan, and Principal/Director at City College of Commerce in Faisalabad.Pakistan 

He is an active member of the Christian community in Faisalabad, and is an active contributor to P.C.O.F.

John Joseph.jpg

John Joseph

John has over 30 years of experience as a corporate executive working for Rafhan Maize Products Company in Faisalabad, Pakistan.  While in his role as a Business Professional, he advocated for employment opportunities for young Christian business professionals within the Business Community. He is currently retired and advises a Vatican affiliated organization called Focolare International on issues regarding Pakistani Christians. He is currently serving as a volunteer member of the Board of Advisors for P.C.O.F and is an active contributor to the Foundation. 

Sada Sherriff.jpg

Sada Sherrif

Sada has a Masters in Psychology from Forman Christian College, Lahore, Pakistan. She is currently working with a Software solutions company. Growing up as a young Christian female, she was very active in several leadership roles at her Church and in College. She advises P.C.O.F. on issues facing the young Pakistani Christian community in Pakistan and is also an active contributor to P.C.O.F.

Meet The Executive Team

Aqeel Haque.jpg

Aqueel Haque

Country Coordinator, Pakistan


Active contributor to P.C.O.F.

kamal bha1.jpg

Kamal Pasha

Director of Financial Planning


Active contributor to P.C.O.F.


Aslam Sohail

Director of Operations and Community Outreach, North America


Active contributor to P.C.O.F.

Meet Our Media Partners

Kashif Nawab.jpg

Kashif Nawab

"Senior Media Partner"

Kashif is a journalist by training. He is also a well known Human Rights Activist in Pakistan. He writes for several news outlets in Pakistan as well as overseas for the Vatican city official media outlet and the Minority View in the U.K. He is a volunteer and an active contributor to P.C.O.F.

Mahrukh Saman Lal.jpg

Mahrukh Saman Lal

"Junior Media Partner"

Mahrukh holds a Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Lahore in Pakistan. While she was in college, she was the Managing Editor of the Electrical and Control Engineering Society. Since graduation, she has done remarkable work being the voice of the young Pakistani Christian generation through media advocacy. She is a young emerging leader and collaborates with P.C.O.F. as a volunteer media partner.

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