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Natural Disaster Assistance

A large majority of the Pakistani Christian  community lives below the poverty line. Some estimates put this number at close to 1.8 million, or roughly 60% of all Pakistani Christians currently residing in Pakistan. Most of these men and women work menial jobs as sanitary workers, brick kiln laborers, daily farm laborers and house servants, at times making less than $5.00 per day. This economic disparity and the financial disenfranchisement makes these communities most vulnerable when a natural disaster hits.

The Pakistan Christian Outreach Foundation has created a large team of volunteers under the supervision of the country coordinator, whose job is to quickly identify when a community is faced with emergency situation. The Country Coordinator mobilizes efforts to assist with necessary and immediate needs. Teams are created quickly and care packages are put together and distributed immediately in order to relieve the most marginalized at their time of extreme distress.

The Coronavirus Pandemic is the most recent example of mobilizing and implementing such disaster relief efforts.

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